Joining Fee: $25

Monthly Rates:

-Single:  $35 
-Family:  $45 *
-Senior Single (65 and up):  $25 **
-Senior Couple (65 and up):  $35 **
-Youth:  $25 ***

Day Rate: $5

Keycard: $5 ****

Keyfob: $10 ****

Childcare: $1 per child


*Family membership includes legally married spouse and children through the age of 18 (full-time students through the age of 24 are also included)

**It is the member's responsibility to notify the front desk when he or she turns 65 in order to receive the discount

***Full-time students may have a youth membership through the age of 24 years (must provide current school ID)

****Necessary for entrance during unstaffed hours


Payment Method Options:

Monthly payments by automatic bank draft

Annual and semi-annual payments by cash or check
(10% discount applies for annual payment)

Credit and debit cards are not accepted